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All night Study of texts - Divrei Torah

When G-d gave us the Torah, He gave us more than just a set of Laws. He gave us a new faith, a set of beliefs to which we have clung over many centuries, sometimes at the risk of our lives. What exactly do we believe? Maimonides set out the basic Jewish doctrine in his Thirteen Principles of Faith.

The Torah was given at daybreak. Our tradition relates that the Jewish people did not rise early to be prepared for that revelation, and that it was necessary for G-d Himself to awaken them. To compensate for their behaviour it is customary to stay up the entire first night of Shavuot studying Torah. This custom is called "Tikun Lail Shavuot."

Listen to insights on the Holiday of Shavuous By Rabbi Schochet
(Requires the RealAudio Player).

 Cheese Blintzes Recipe The Sinai Files

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